September 08, 2011

Malaysia Airlines - A moment to remember, a milestone to cherish. (Rev 3)

A moment to remember, a milestone to cherish.
My 46 years in aviation, as a Pilot, Commander, Manager, Trainer, and Head.

This blog is a reflection of my time in Malayan Airways, Malaysia-Singapore Airlines, Malaysian Airways, Malaysia Airline and finally (after Jet Airways, Magic Airlines and Go Air in India) Firefly!

To God be the glory.

How it all started-
Selected as Cadet Pilot by Malayan Airways ( Final Interview Panel consisted of Capt Jimmy Brown, Capt Flack, and Mr Wilfred Antoniz); commenced 16 Apr 1963. 
Now 49 years later its time to reflect.
It all started: 
Departure Paya Lebar Airport, Singapore. 16th Apr 1963 sometime in the evening.
From Left: Ivan (partly hidden), Terence, Mama, Hilary, Papachen, me, Papa, Francis, Pow, Puru, Pow's Mum, Gopi, Pow's brother.
(Am grateful to Capt TK Pow for graciously providing me this photo below)
Course 19 - Airwork Services Training (AST), Perth, Scotland. 
Foo and me shared this room while Pow shared one with Choo.
From left: TK Pow, me, Choo Kok Liang and Foo Chee Wah.

A newspaper cutting from Malay Mail, April 19th 1963 published below. 
We were the 2nd Batch of Malayan Airways pilots that were sponsored by the company.
We were like brothers and used to share our feelings,loves and worries with each other. Never for once felt the odd one out among them. Brothers yet rivals we were. 

From Left: Roland,Pow T.K, Choo K.L, Foo C.W.

At Airwork Services Training Perth. 
Scotland the beautiful was the location of Scone Aerodrome in Perthshire. It was an ideal setting for training of cadet pilots and engineers. It had 4 runways, all grass strips the longest being 05/23.  
Here are some of the photos reproduced to reminisce those difficult but wonderful days.
Our Magazine cover in those days.

 An aerial view of the aerodrome and its layout. Our dorms are seen in the near foreground.

 Where our meals were served. We soon got sick of the same food week-in week-out, though the english breakfast was good to start the day. Photo on the right was our dining room.

This used to be our typical classroom for CPL classes.

Cottages housing 4 rooms each. I shifted out from the dorm to these cottages after 6 months.

Below is the building that houses the Control tower, Club house, etc. After one attained an Commercial Pilots Licence he was admitted use the facilities at the club house. Meals etc were served here and a nice bar too where we could socialise with the Instructors!
 A view of the apron and the flight briefing and control room in the background
It was good exercise walking to and fro to the Flight room from our dorms. 

Above, one of the main streets where we gathered (most often on weekends) to catch the bus back to the aerodrome. I think it is Tay Street (after the river Tay  which flows through Perth).
Below me in a Cessna 172.

Below from left:  CW Foo, Inderjit Singh Sekhon and me

Photograph below sent to me by Capt Len McCully of SIA.
From left: 
Front row - Me, Foo and Maurice De Vaz. 
Back row: Choo, Val (? Burmese), Sekhon, Pow, Burmese, Paul Yap, the late Ng Kah Lok and Len McCully  

1965 -Second Officer on DC-3's and later in the year, F27's.

1967- First Officer on a Comet 4C. with the late Capt Tommy Yee Teck Soh.
Tommy also spent time serving MAS in the early 1980's as Simulator Instructor on B737's.Apr 1968- MSA had purchased 3 brand new B707-312's . I was on the first conversion course conducted in Seattle, Washington. Had the rank of SFO then. Also on this course were Capt's Charlie Chen, Douglas Chan, Ken Morley; First Officers David Leong, Pow TK and me; F/E's Derick Chua, P.S Lee and Danny Cheng.

1968- promoted to Senior First Officer (3-bars).

1969- A MSA B707-312 flight Ex Tokyo Haneda. This was a an early morning departure ex-Haneda for Taipei, Hong Kong and Singapore. Our nightstop hotel was the Maranuchi, near Tokyo Central Station.
The late Capt BS Gurm was in Command (extreme right) with Capt Lenny How under training. The first two hostesses from the bottom are, Dolly( gosh! she was the sweetest then) and Sato (san). I am 8th from the bottom. Notice that Cabin and Tech crew had similar jackets and the girls' their 'Pierre Balmain' designed uniform, design which to this day has not changed and is now identified with the 'Singapore Girl' image.
That is consistency!

1969 - Ex SYD - Note the Male Cabin Crew uniform now transformed.
I am standing at the bottom of the stairs with Capt John Blackman and Flt Eng (F/E) Derek Chua. Can only name two of the Cabin Crew: Randal Demello and Albert Ho.

Fokker Captain
My first command on the F27's was in 1970, nearly 7 years later.
1970 -Below as a young Captain in an F27 left seat. Decided to sport a beard to appear more authoritative (A father of 3 boys then but only 26yrs old - young playful chikko!)

These photos taken by my classmate Wong Choon Leong, who was a passenger on one of my flights.
Note: No beard then! 

1970 F27 9v-AOJ - (Looks like) transit PEN, with Capt Mohd Ali (deceased). In those days we use to 'double-up' as Captains either due to the shortage of copilots or roster constraints. Capt Johnny Osmond (deceased) was our Fleet Captain.

1971- Captain B737-200's (MSA). 
In 1972 the split of the Airline was looming, MSA was splitting into SIA and MAS, each representing Singapore and Malaysia respectively. Whilst the process of separation was taking place we senior pilots for MAS, namely Capt Hassan, Capt Khairi, Mohd Ali, Tengku Shamsul and myself were involved in numerous meetings amongst ourselves. Below is a photo reminiscing the get together we had. Capt Hassan, the one with the 'PoP', was the first Malay Airline Captain and the most senior amongst us.
From left: T Shamsul (hidden), Mohd Ali, Hassan. The former two have since passed on.

Senior Malaysians were expected to be the founding force behind the airline with the assistance of expatriates from Qantas. Captains Khairi, Ali and me, joined MAS as already rated Captains with B737 experience. The rest were Expats who had to be converted and then trained on route by the three of us.

Below in Command of my first International ferry - Arrival of our 3rd B737-200 at the International Terminal in Subang from Seattle. This old Terminal was eventually named Terminal 1, with two others being built later to separate domestic, regional and international flights..
Today this whole building has been demolished and a huge aviation assembly plant has been built(?).
After 1 month in Seattle and being exposed to Aircraft Technical Acceptance by Capt Laurie Clark of Qantas, it was great to be back, especially to see the family again. The ferry had layovers in London, Athens and Delhi.

Note the old familiar aircraft Bays at Subang. BOAC VC-10 on the left.

Walking up the ramp, looking up at the waving gallery where Ann and the children were present to welcome me. Accompanied by Capt Len Kidd who was the Boeing Captain assigned to assist us in training our 737 pilots. The only in-house Instructors we had then were Capt (Dato later) Khairi, Myself and later Capt Md Ali.

Six months after start-up I was appointed Fleet Captain B737's - managing the Line function for Flt Ops.
1973 B707 training with Qantas in Sydney and then Avalon.
Below - Dec 1973 - Final phase of my B707-338C training by Qantas - doing circuits and landings in Avalon (near Melbourne). Avalon, the Qantas owned airfield is located top right corner (for those familiar with aviation jargon - 'we are on a wide left downwind')

Below, Ali and I had just completed an exhaustive conversion training check on B707's.
Capt Eric Chaseling (Snr Flt Inst, Qantas) conducted the check. Our legs were weak at this stage due to the amount of constant rudder we had to apply to fly with engines out! Finally completed the tough B707 conversion course! One Instructor over drinks told us that the only way to have strong legs was to eat more sausages!!!! 
Notice we are all packed below and waiting for the van to take is back to Melbourne to catch our flight home. It has been a long conversion period having spent Christmas and New Year absent from the family.

Note: In spite of already having an endorsement on B707's (with MSA in Seattle) I still had to go through the full course for Command conversion. (Another grind for 2.5 months - that's a pilot career. Nothing but aircraft type conversions especially for a growing airline like MAS)

Below Dec 1973- We stayed in the Crest Hotel throughout Dec 1973 whilst undergoing Ground school and Simulator at the Qantas School in Sydney.

1974, 14th Jan- Promoted to Fleet Captain B707 fleet and also Flight Instructor (Feb 74) on B707's.

Back in KL at Capt Hassan's party for Flt Ops Staff at his Jalan Ara home.
From Left: CFE Ragunathan, Capt John Downie (I did his line training on B737's), Naban (as a young boy then), Naynam, Mrs Downie, and me in 'pink'. Incidentally the other lady in pink seen seated between  Naban and Naynam is my ex-wife Ann.

Arthur Reynolds and his group threw a Command party (1st Command) at the PJ Hilton. This has been a tradition since the MSA days. Unfortunately I don't think that our modern generation of pilots practice this MAL/MSA tradition anymore. Pity.
From Left: Yaakub: the late Capt Baboo Ganjoor (who was tragically shot by a hijacker. The hijacker also killed the FO and then himself. The B737 crashed in Tanjong Kupang, Johore), Mrs Hughes, Arthur Reynolds, Roland, Capt Yogeswaran (Joe), Capt Leo Hughes, Capt Harrington.
PS. Regarding the (only) Hijack of our B737, as Fleet Manager B737's, I was very much involved , with the DCA Investigator, Col (rtd) Quek in the analysis of the Voice Recorder. It was only after this crash that it became mandatory that the all voice recorders (CVR's) be also hooked on to "hot mikes" ie our boom mikes. THis allowed the cockpit to have many more voice pick-up points for clarity in analysis.

Dec 1974 - In the cockpit of a B707 conducting route training on another Captain. ( I was an Authorised Examiner on B707's as well)
December 1974 - As Fleet Captain, had the responsibility to plan and organise the Flt Ops aspects for the Yang Dipertuan Agongs (our King) trip to the Indian Sub-continent. His visit would be to Bangladesh, India and then Pakistan. His Highness during this period was the Sultan of Kedah.

First stop was Dacca and then the New Delhi.
Below we had just arrived at Delhi and our King is just about to walk down the steps to be met by PM Indira Ghandi (left of the red carpet) and the President of India(?).

After Delhi it was to the Pakistan capital, Rawalpindi. On the descent into 'Pindi we were escorted by 5 F5's.
Below His Highness was met by the late PM Zulkifli Ali Bhutto. His Highness  walking down the steps.

I am seen here with Capt Tengku Shamsul Bahari, awaiting Departure Rawalpindi for our next stop Lahore.

Dec 1974- The whole VVIP Charter cockpit crew ex- Rawalpindi.
From left: FE Karunyam, Tengku Shamsul, FO S.A Tan, Roland, and FE P.C Tan (later known as Karim Abdullah) - Shaky Pakistani photographer?

Yours truly awaiting departure Pakistan

The Ferry team touring Rawalpindi.
From left; Tengku, P.C, Karu, SA Tan, Dick Best (Maint Engineer from Qantas) and Edwards (in charge of catering uplifts for the VVIP tour) and me.

1975. 1st Jan 1975, promoted to Dy Chief Pilot (Tech Development).
This position was created to cope with the expansion of the airline and the advent of the DC-10's the following year. MAS had decided on the purchase of 3 DC-10-30's to be introduced in 1976.

Back in Seattle, for my 4th B737 Acceptance and Ferry. It would be MAS's 9th B737 which was ordered as a QC (Quick Change) version allowing us to carrying cargo in the upper deck if so desired.
Capt Jack Bird (our Dir of Flt Ops) had decided that I train/expose someone to conduct Acceptance checks on B737's. Capt Chong C.Y my Asst Dev Capt was nominated. I would have to undergo a DC-10 course (Mar 1976) and handle the introduction/ induction of this new aircraft.
Below Boeing Field - Assembly Line- Seattle; planes ready for Acceptance and fly-away. MAS's is in the 3rd from right. This was in 1975 but today this whole area is bigger and accommodating more aircraft.

30th Oct 1975.

After Accepting the aircraft we were now ready to fly back. This time the family travelled with me.
Below I am just about to prepare for Departure.
Below: Pax and my children Ann (ex-wife) boarding the aircraft.
Look at my second son, Andre, his stride is the widest and 'yes' he beat the others to enter the cabin first. He is the only one who has taken after me and is currently a B777 Captain with Singapore Airlines.

From Left: Boeing guest, Sean, Ann, Guest's wife, Andre, Gene.

Off we go. Engine Start.
Bye! "Off chocks at .." Route was Seattle- Gander- London. Night stop

London - Istanbul- Bahrain Night stop.

Bahrain- Madras- Kuala Lumpur, to arrive on the 3rd Nov.

Our dear Dir Flt Ops, Capt Jack Bird was there to meet us together with the other Heads of Depts.
Below (L-R): F/O Wong HH (Navigator), Capt Jack Bird, Capt Chong C.Y, and me. Notice the side cargo door open for cargo off-loading.

Note: I owe my varied aviation grounding, which came good in the latter years, to the late Capt Bird (ex-Qantas) who ensured I was exposed to every facet of flight Operations viz. Line Manager, Technical Dev Manager and Flight Instructor. This expertise moulding had equipped me to assist other airlines like Jet Airways,etc. after retirement from MAS.
In Jet Airways, Magic (which eventually not start), Go Air and Firefly I held the position of Head of Flt Ops (either VP or EVP level)
He was my Mentor.
Thank you Jack and may God Bless your soul.

Subang International Airport (later designated as Terminal 1) in those days.

In the cockpit of the B737 on a normal scheduled flight.
Our Director of Engineering and me as 1st Class passengers. Yes in those days smoking was allowed on aircraft in specific areas, when the No-smoking sign was Off.

1976 Apr/May- DC-10-30 Conversion Training with ANZ, Auckland New Zealand.
Another 2.5 mth Conversion Course!
The three of us below were pioneers in laying down the foundation for wide-bodied operation. I see that this foundation is strong in MAS to this day and probably after the current generation of Pilots retire.
Below we are undergoing DC-10 Simulator Training in Auckland.
We completed our final check out with ANZ were cleared as DC-10 Captains. This inculded our Chief Flt Engineer Ragunathan. ANZ routes flown were to Nandi, Sydney, Noumea, etc.
From L: Roland (Dy C.P Tech Dev), Capt (Dato) Khairi ( Dy C.P Training) and Chief FE Ragunathan. Yes all the chief's from MAS & no Indians!!

Awaiting aircraft to be ready for Acceptance Test Flight. The waiting is the tiring part of it all. Test flying is great once the adrenalin starts flowing.
Delivery Flight Crew. One for the album. From left: Ragu, Khairi & me

Our DC-10 at Yuma, Arizona during Flt Testing awaiting Takeoff Clearance.

1st Dc10 9M-MAS 26th July 1976.
I am flying our first aircraft while this photo was taken. It was taken during our C1 Acceptance flight. Photograph taken by a chase plane (F4) '9 o'clock below'!
Conducted a total 3 flights before accepting the aircraft.

(Note: I was privileged to be the first Malaysian to fly this wide-body and the subsequent)

1976- My Tie Cut ( see write up below on the significance)

August 12th 1976.
President of Mc'donnel Douglas, John Brezendine is about to cut my tie. Douglas tradition has it that in an Airline's first aircraft delivery the Acceptance pilot has his tie cut and one part be displayed, together with all other airlines, on a board in the Douglas Delivery Centre.
From (L-R): Myself, Tan Sri Aziz (who then was our Company Sec), John Brezedine, Capt Dato Khairi, Ragunathan.
Our Ambassador, the late Tan Sri Zain Asri was present for this ceremony - he later become the Chairman of MAS, after the departure of Tan Sri Raja Mohar.
I think that there was some displeasure/animus from some quaters as to why I was given all the limelight.
God knows who deserved the credit!

1976 26th Jul (9M-MAS) C1 Acceptance Flt.
The MDC Pilot Sam Clauzel would be in Command as the aircraft still belonged to Dougals and was on a US egister but the customer had full freedom to check what ever to verify functioning of all systems . I am flying in the left seat. Chairman invitation to all those involved in the Acceptance & Delivery. Just prior to our departure LGB for home on the 12th.

1978- 5th August. Redisgnated as Chief Pilot (Tech Development).
Letter of appointment came, in those days, direct from the General manager (Chief Executive)Tan Sri Saw Huat Lye.
This does not happen in MAS these days. Does it?
1978 -In the cockpit of a DC-10 awaiting push-back & startup at Sydney Mascot Airport.

1978 - Montreal DC10 Flt Simulator Specification Definition.
MAS had ordered a DC10, A300, & B737 Simulator to handle crew training. At first there was a lot of objection from all as to the need for Flight Simulators.
Businees Plan prepared and submitted to the Board for approval.
We broke the resistance and unbelief barrier & today it has become a norm that a Simulator be in place with a new type order- however it that its gone to the other extreme?

Acceptance of our 10th B737 aircraft with the late Capt Tony Chan ( C.A. Chan). My next project was the Introduction of the A300 B4's into MAS and Tony was being exposed on Acceptance procedures. He was earmarked as one the Pilots for the A300's.

The Company had oredered A300's - due to be delivered in the same year! Virtually impossible task to get crew trained and systems set up to cope with the induction in 11 months!!
Yet we put our shoulders to the wheel and went for it.
In my team we had Ragu (CFE), Capt's Aziz (earmarked as Snr Flt Inst), the late Tony Chan (earmarked as Dev Capt), Ng C.A (Fleet manager A300's), and FE BH Tan (SFE A300's), on the first A300 conversion course. We had the task of laying the foundation to start of the A300 commercial operations and ensure to ensure safety of operations.

Below: Mercure Hotel. Happy Hours with Peter Thaldorf ( Director of Customer Services AeF) and wife Rosy, Aziz, and the Mercure Manager. Peter also became a good friend of ours in later years.

Below: After completion of A300 Ground and Simulator training.
Peter Thaldorf is to my left with the Head of Aeroformation (Tech School for Airbus) Jean Pinet on my right and Phillipe Darney our simulator Instuctor. Jean Pinet was a current Concorde Test Pilot.
A300 CBT TRaining. Having a cofee break - Aziz and me with our Instructor.

A300 CBT Trainer. Being trained on SOP's and Abnormals. L-R: Aziz, Roland and Ragu (CFE)Below photo taken after we had completed our A320 Training. Capt Pierre Baud Vice President of Operations was the one who conducted my final check including stalls (at night!!) on the way to Tarbes (Lourdes) for circuit and landings. Pierre was a fine Test Pilot for Airbus and very active with development and testing on all AI types. We have had quite few flights together. 

Now for the fun part we have been looking forward to. Flying the A300-B4 and being the first to do it. MHA Acceptaance Nov 1979.
Below: After C1( Customer 1 flight) the team on the acceptance.
I conducted first Test flight, with Lars Larsen (extreme rt) the Airbus Capt (RHS) in charge, Ragu operating the FE's station and Tony Chan whose role was to record the various readings and parameters during flight test and being a 'jockey' for me.
Behind me, in the photo, is the Chief test Engineer for Airbus, Yves Benoit, who gave a lot of resistance to additional tests that I wanted conducted (in the light of my experience on DC10 acceptance). FE Daud (2nd from right) was also learning from Ragu on aircraft Acceptance.
In the end Yves became a good friend. Note: The CAA then required that the A300 do a full stall. so we had to do it with the violent shaking of the Airbus at stall! W have done away with full stalls these days.

1979-27th Oct after completion of C1 on MHA. Its not coffee in those cups but champagne to celebrate! Not born again then.

Nov 1979 - Predelivery Ceremony for our 1st A300. Having a chat with Jim Conrad (Head of Tech Trg AeF)

After Acceptance Test Flight of our No2 A300 B4, 9M-MHB. With Capt Baud, Aziz & BH Tan
It was quite tiring for me both mentally & physically.

3rd Nov 1979 - 1st A300 Ferry. I am in Command.

Below seen with the late Capt Tony Chan ('jockey') after Acceptance Test of our 3rd MAS A300- 9M-MHC.

1980 Jan. Worst winter in Toulouse for 30 years(?). We were this time there to Accept & Ferry our No3 (9M-MHC) A300 B4. From left: Roland, Tony Chan, Ragunathan, Capt Jamil (DCA Malaysia Examiner)

Jun 1980. Attended the Cranfield College of Aeronautics Aircraft Perfomance Measurement course. I am 6th form right.

Aug 1981 - To London in a DC10 with I think with Andre in the cockpit.

1981 10th Dec arrival LHR in Cat 3 conditions.
It was 0 degrees with freezing fog around. 10th Dec 1981 My Final LIne Check as Captain on B747-200's with British Airways.
On arrival at London Heathrow from Seattle we had to conduct a Cat 3B, Auto Land due low visibility. Visibilty was only 50m with a complete 'white out' on landing.
My first experience.
Below I am with Captain J.B Newman, who conducted this final check for me to operate B747's in Command.
Can return home again after 2 months of winter and being cooped up in the Sheraton Heathrow Hotel most of the time. Had enough.

Here again am flying the beautiful machine below, MAS's first B747-200 (MHI) on Test Flight with a chaser plane below taking photos & videos. Another first! To God be the Glory.

Group photo taken just before flying our 1st B747-200 back to Malaysia.
I was ferry commander (4th from left) with Capt Ken Chong (extreme rt, my deptuy chief pilot assisting) and FE Karunyam (2nd from Lt, Dev FE). Ken would from here onwards, be most often, accompanying me on deliveries and projects.
Our Dy Chairman, Dato Sulaiman Sujak (brown jacket) and Raymond Navaratnam (with the hostesses, our Board Director) were also on board. Sitham Nadarajah is 3rd from left.

NST clipping 15 mar 1982.

Continuation of Page 1 above.

With Capt Mike Webster, Snr Flight Instructor of British Airways. 19th March in Subang where both of us were conducting aircraft training on the recently converted Pilots in MAS. The Line Pilots were trained by Qantas utilising the training entitlement from BA.

St Louis with Larry Cheah, my Dev Capt B737 - Meeting with our Simulator Visual Manufacturer, MDEC. (Vital IV system I think)

In the Boeing 'war room' after conducting the test flight. It is called war room because its where disputes with Boeing over snags; and sometimes there can be a stand-off. The reponsibilty rested with me and sometimes ended up being the unpopular guy.
(Boeing Pilot would have considered me a young upstart! Only 38 yrs old then)

From left: Ray Motemedy(Boeing Cust engineer asigned to MAS), Mohan (who is today head of Tech Svcs MAS), LAE, Arrifin (since retired from MAS as SVP Engineering), Nazim(?) (Maint Engineer), young Roland, Ken Chong, and Flt Eng Karunyam. We had a very capable and efficient team, esp from the Engineering side.

July 1986 - B747-300 Combi Acceptance.
Technical Acceptnce team which is similar to that done on the first two B747's. From left:

Roland (Team Leader), SFE Karunyam, Capt Ken Chong (my Dev Capt), F/O Md Fauwzi (only for the ferry), and I think it is Tech Services Rashidi. Capt Ken Chong was always full of tricks and innocent pranks.

1986 July. About to proceed 'upstairs' to perform acceptance checks on our 3rd B747.
This time its a -300 747, had a streched Upper Deck. The stretched Upper Deck which we have on the -400's design was introduced on the -300's. MAS had decided on this Combi version, which was capable of carrying cargo at the rear of the Upper Deck. Lots to write about it but it would make this blog boring.

1986 July- Dinner with host Boeing, prior to the Acceptance & Delivery of our first B747-300 Combi. From Left: Karunyam, Jim Beltz, Roland, Walt Neilsen and Kenneth.
1886- Awarded the K.M.N by the Yang Dipertuan Agong (His Highness the King of Malaysia).

Hairun Nisa & me vetting through the P.A for the F50, prior to the signing ceremony.
1987- Nov . The signing ceremony for 10 F-50 aircraft.

(Picture went missing - will include it later. Blogging can be a tedious affair esp. when you try to do it fast!)

1988- At the Paris Airshow with Capt Dato Khairi, Ranjit Jeyaratnam (Airbus Industrie) Oct 1988 - Taken in Lancing at the Singer Link Miles Office. I was there to finalise the Technical Spec for our B747-400 Simulator (the Company had ordered B747-400's by this time and we needed to obtain a Sim being one of the first few operators) Our first 7474-400 was a No 21 in the procuction line and ahead of Qantas.

1988 - Defining the 744 Simulator Spec with Lim Tau Cep our Sim Dev Engineer. Both Lim & Capt Ken Chong are today working for ETOPS a training services provider. Ken is a SFI (Simulator Flight Instructor).
We meet regulary when I am at MAS Admin, for meetings in Firefly.

1989 B737-400/500 Aircraft Negotiation team headed by Hairun Nisa.

1989 May-Signing ceremony in the MAS Board room for the Purchase of 52 (not sure how many of these were options) B737-400/500's. The order was so big that the President of Boeing (seated to the right of our MD Tan Sri Aziz) himself was present. I will try to name those below as accurately as my memory permits. Those with NT besides their names refers to permanent members of the MAS Negotiating team then. We dealt with negotiations ranging from aircraft & engines to simulators and test-cells.

Back Row (from left) : Boeing, Mrs Ganapathy(?), Boeing (?), Walt Neilsen (Boeing Sales Director handling MAS), Singh(NT), Resham Singh, Zainnudin (NT), late Bahtair (Coy Sec), Sitham, ?(NT), Boeing, Hairun Nisa (Headed of our Team), Nadimah (Legal Affairs Manager, NT), Roland (NT), Saw LB (Corporate)

Front Row (from L): Boeing SVP, President Boeing, Tan Sri Aziz (MAS MD), Poobalasingam, and the late Bernard Thomazios.

1989- May. New Simulator order for 1 A330 and 2 B737-400 FFS's (Full Flight Simulator). Thomson - Link. Ken Chong and Lim extreme right.

1989- Oct first MAS B747-400 Acceptance & Delivery.
Part of the Acceptance team with our Boeing Customer Service Engineer, Ray Motemedy. He was Iranian American and was also a friend to us. Lost touch with him though as he is no longer with Boeing.

1989- Oct 747-400 Acceptance. Boeing Customer Office at Everett, Paine

1989 2nd Nov - Acceptance checks 9M-MHL - Our first B747- 400.
Flying the 400's was exhilarating and it had much better handling qualitites than the conventional B747's. The B747-400 was an aircraft I had knowledge of the most ('Mr B747-400 in MAS') since was involved in the pre-production design of the glass cockpit presentation and layouts. Although in Aviation there is never an stage where you know everything. One learns everyday and on every flight if one makes an attempt and is not just 'punching holes in the sky'!

Nov 1989- 1st B747-400 Delivery flight Takeoff MHM. With me in the cockpit is Capt Ken Chong (I told you we were in separable)
First Malaysian again. Praise God.

Back in KL after the Delivery Boeing organised a banquet for all MAS Snr Management & Board of Directors. Tan Sri Raja Mohar at the function. The best Chairman whom I have served. They don't make Chairmans (& Dep Chairmans) these days as they used to - humility & kindness replaced by pride and arrogance!!!!
So was our Dep Chairman Dato Sulaiman Sujak - a wonderful & humble man.
They don't make Chairmans (and Dep Chairmans) these days as they used to - humility and kindness replaced by pride and arrogance!!!!
Tan Sri Aziz, our Managing Director is 3rd from Lt

2nd B747-400 Delivery - MHL. 2nd Nov 1989 - Notice that the first few B747-400's did not have the roller blinds which became standard fit a year later. We had the old clip-on sun visors. Here again with Ken in the right seat.

B747-400 Full Flight Simulator Acceptance.
Those involved in the successful B747-400 FFS product in Lancing in UK (from Left)
Keith, Lim Tau Cep, Capt Ken Chong, Paul, me and Jay Nair (Customer Engineer)

9th Aug 1990 - I am accepting the B747-400 Simulator after a successful on-site Acceptance at the MAS Training centre in Subang. All major defects cleared with only a few minor ones left not effect Training.
Prior to the above:
1990- The B747-400 sim undergoing On-site acceptance in Subang.
It was ready for training on the 18th August 1990, less than 10 months after the actual aircraft commenced commercial operations. Not bad for an airline to be self sufficient in its training of flight crew even though we had 2 aircraft in service. Of course before we knew it MAS ended up signing for more 747-400's aircraft. (see below)

Jun 1990- Performing on-site acceptance checks on our new B747-400 Full Flight Simulator - It was a state of the art machine with MST technology,and 180 deg FOV for the visual which hard solid mirrors instead of the Mylar membrane used by other manufacturers.

1990. The F50 Flt Simulator (FFS) already been tested & accepted in 1990. Here we see it being used for training. This was our best buy as this Flt Simulator it is being to this day by external operators. Its use by MAS Wings is continuing until such time the F50's are phased out by the ATR's as has happened already in Firefly.
There are a limited number of F50 simulators available in the world today- around 3.

This one built by SDS is 19+ years in operation and has given MAS minimum technical problems.
1990- At my home ( for the children and their mother- OK to be precise, ex-wife) in Lane Cove Sydney. Just before proceeding to the airport for flight.

1990 - At my home in Sydney Australia, with Toffee the wife's pet. He did not like my occasional presence at all.
1991 8th Nov B747-400 Purchase Agreement Signing.
Jim Furk the Boeing contracts man is seated in front with Hairun Nisa.

1992- 30th June. Promoted as Dy Director of Flt OPs (Technical).
A No 2 position in Flt Ops.
Again to God be the Glory.

1992 Aug, Senior Management Course.

1992- Boeing Flight Operations Seminar . Westin Hotel Seattle. The face amongst us is Capt Arch Pothera the Fleet Manager for B747-400. Kenneth had now risen to my old postion of Chief Pilot (Tech & Dev) 1992- My Birthday 49 years old. Celebrated in the Corporate Conference at MAS HQ in KL. With me is Thomson-Link Project Director , Keith Kaiser

23rd Sept 1993- My 50th birthday giving a pep talk to the BKI Flight Operations.

1993- Presenting a memento to the F50 Sales Director in my office on the 3rd floor of MAS Admin 1.
1994 - Acceptance MPH. 23rd Sept again overseas. 51 years old.
From Left: Walt Neilsen, Boeing Sec assigned to MAS, Jim Furk, me, Jeya, ?, Capt Lee E.K

24th Sept 1994
My penultimate Acceptance of a B747-400- 9M-MPH- Everett Wshington BC. For this one I trained Capt Ishan & Tharma to conduct Acceptance Checks.

With the Acceptance team from MAS Engineering assigned to this delivery.

I thought I would publish this comment from Jason whose father Dougie was an adorable MAS executive working at London Heathrow.
Used to assist me in checking in my sons when they were at Brentwood Grammer.
Most of us would remember Dougie and the others mentioned by Jason.

Hi Capt. Roland,
My name is Jason, my Father Dougie worked for MAS LHR from 1974-1990...loved reading ur blog as I have many memories flying DC-10-30(9M-MAS/T/V) and 747-236B(9M-MHI/J) on my many trips flying to KL and onto SYD on holidays and very privelidged to accompany many Flt crew in cockpit for take-off and landing...many names I would remember if they were mentioned. The 1st Station Manager at LHR was Alf then Wong TK, with Abi as ground engineer and Ramla,Judy,leonie,Anita and of course Dougie...Happy Days and memories I will cherish for ever..If you remember me then I hope your enjoying your 2nd retirement...!!!

hi Jason. Of course I do remember you and dad. You must be a grown up lad now. Did you pursue a aviation career? Warm regards to the staff mentioned above, if you are in contact with them.

And last but not least, back in the MAS fold; joined Firefly on August 2007. 10 years after retiring from it

Initially joined FY as Head of Flight Training but reappointed as;
Head of Flight Operations Jan 2008.
Successful Induction of Firefly's 5 ATR 72- 500's in 2008 and phase out of the F50's in Dec 2008.
2008 1st ATR 11th Aug.

21st Dec 2008 - Phase -out of the F50's form Firefly.
Group Photo with the F50 Pilots.
Our MD Eddy Leong is standing on the top of the stairs with his fold of Flight Crew. I am seated at the bottom. This occassion also marked the commencement of a semi-retirement phase (twilight) prior to full retirement on the 13th July 2009.
Ng Fook Meng, our COO, and my friend, is standing extreme left.
My last day in active Office- Dec 2008. Semi-retirement from here on.

A farewell party was held in our FY office attended by all staff. We were a growing airline, small in size and a close knit family . Cake to bid me adieu with speeches to follow.

Speeches by all. Here we have Grandpa' Patrick Lee cracking a joke.

2008 19th Dec.- Hard to say goodbye to wonderful staff of Firefly. Capt Jalil my Chief Pilot and who will be eventually assuming my position postion, is 3rd from right.
Firefly easily beats all the others airlines.

I did not do it "My Way" but HIS way.
To God be all the Glory for these 46 years in Aviation.

Comment from 'Darren' on the 18th Sept.
I was looking for information on the F-27 which my former company used to charter, and came upon your site by chance or destiny. What an amazing career/life you have Captain, and an incredible testament to your wonderful faith in God. It was timely for me. Thank you and God bless!



Nicholas said...

Captain Roland Thomas,

I am deeply inspired by you after reading your post. You're definitely a role model of a successful aviator..
Im Nicholas. I tried to enter MAS as cadet pilot on 2008, I'd been shortlisted and I went through the 1st and 2nd stage. unfortunately I failed at the final interview part.
Im now waiting patiently for another chance to join MAS as cadet pilot...
I really admire your achievements. I hope one day I can become such a pilot like you.
Thank you for the inspiration.

Aspiring Pilot

Capt Roland Thomas said...

Dear Nicholas,
Believe in yourself and God's grace and you will.
All the best hoping to see your dream accomplished.

abeterbey said...

Captain Roland,

I happen to come across your blog while I was doing some internet search and indeed your blog is GOOD! With all the photos and events, I can say you must have put in lots of effort to retrieve the old photos. Wishing you all the best and thank you for all your contributions and hard work all these years. MAY GOD BLESS YOU!



Nicholas said...

Thank you sir for your reply... really glad that you replied me ... and sorry for the late reply, been busying for something ..
may i ask you something ? I failed in the interview but im not given a reason, and im wondering wat happened.. can you tell me what is the expected outcome in the final interview ? I hope i can learn from you...
thank you, sir..

Aspiring Pilot

eugene said...

Capt. Roland Thomas,

Thanks for taking the time to do this's fantastic....I will deffinitely be sharing this with our guys....

eugene soo
mh ast perth 1991

Kempas70 said...

Dear Capt,
Today i celebrated my 20 years with MAS. I am delighted to read your story. i will be starting writing something also to remind MH happy days in my blog too.

P/s i had the chance to wear the 1947 pilot uniform during merdeka day in 2007

Kempas70 said...
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Muhammad said...

Dear Capt,
You have a very nice entry for this one and from my reading,you have a great journey in your aviation carrier and I must say,it's interesting(I spent hours reading your entry thoroughly,it feels like watching a movie).I envy you.
I've since someone have passionate like you,my uncle.He just retire from MAS and just start continuing with Fireflyz in age of 60.He never tired I guess. :)
I'm not a pilot or cadet but I've a strong interest in aviation since I am a Mechanical Engineering student that still have opportunity to choose my major in the future.

Inspired by you,
Muhammad Farith

sanjay said...

Dear captain, it was through sheer luck that whilst looking for old friends, i found your blog. I went to brentwood school uk with your son Andy. Could you please ask him to contact me via facebook. i now live in perth australia, and would sincerely like to catch up with old chums before the reaper catches up with me!!

Capt Roland Thomas said...

Tks for your comment. Andy wants to contact you. What name to u go by in Facebook?

Capt Roland Thomas said...

Tks for your comment. Andy wants to contact you. What name to u go by in Facebook?

Gabriele said...

Captain Roland Thomas! I was updating old address books and started to google the intrepid MAS pilots that used to descend on the Hong Kong Hyatt, led by Captain Khairi...and there was your blog, lovely! Even a photo of Arthur Reynolds who let me sit in the Fokker Frindship cockpit having just taken my first flying lessons at Kai Tak in a Firefly. Those were the days.. I even remember the PJ gala parties where (if I recall) I arranged for the entertainment once, a stripper?? My enthusiasm for flying even inspired my two nephews in Germany to become pilots, Philip being the youngest to join Lufthansa at 23 as First Officer, one of 4 LH accepted, not trained by them.

Gabriele Abbott (Gabi)

Capt Roland Thomas said...

From: Roland

Hi Gabi - so great to hear from you.Those were good ole days indeed.
Whereabouts are you now?

Capt Roland Thomas said...
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Capt Roland Thomas said...
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Capt Roland Thomas said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Gabriele said...

Roland, quick correction, it was a piper cherokee I took into the sunset over Kai Tak so many moons ago! Gabi

Ahmad A. said...

So delighted to pass by your blog, it is more than inspiring. I remember the first time I read it -more than a year ago- my eyes welled with tears, any person with my enthusiasm and passion for aviation would like to have the great flying history you posted, it is nearly the same as my father's CV. I appreciate if we can keep in touch, wish I can drink a cup of tea with you if I passed by Kuala Lampur someday, it will be my lucky day.

ratie said...

Respected Sir,

I am deeply touched and inspired after reading your post. I have no more words to tell. You have given a more what any one can give to aviation. More than any thing you are great human being.

I wish to be blessed by you Sir.

As a Pilot I wish you to be my role model. I hope god gives me the will and strength to serve aviation at my best.

I am Ratandeep Bhandwalker from India a CPL holder with A320 type rating just completed. I am hoping to get a job as A320 Co-Pilot.

Sir please give me tips and suggestion to get a job. I have worked very hard and I am prepared to work harder.
I have been sending my resume to many airlines but no body replies. I stared feeling like my dreams are fading away.

I want to fulfill my and my parents dream.
Please give me some guidance on this.

I hope one day I can become pilot like you.
Thank you for the inspiration,

Best regards,
Ratandeep Bhandwalker

Nicholas said...

hello Sir,
its me again, Nicholas, the one who left the 1st comment in this blog.
My prayer is finally answered, I've succeeded in MAS 2010 Cadet Pilot intake, Im now a MAS Cadet Pilot undergoing training in HM Aerospace. Graduate in 14 months time.

This blog will always serves as my motivation and role model.

MAS Cadet Pilot
Batch 19 HMA

Ragu said...

Hi Dear Father Capt. Thomas,

It is indeed a great blog done with passion. Yes, indeed those were the days flying together. You did it HIS WAY and I did it MY WAY. Sorry have not discovered HIM yet.

I am still active in researching and teaching the CRM concept in healthcare. I am giving a talk on 'Aviation Crew Resource Management: A Flight Plan for Patient Safety' in July 2011 at the Association of Private Hospitals of Malaysia Conference at KLCC.

Why this path? Is because the accident and error rates in healthcare is enormous.

Best regards.

Dr. K. Ragunathan PhD

JFK said...

Dear Capt. Roland Thomas,

My name is Johan Farid Khairuddin but some know me as JFK.

I spent my life mainly yacking as a Malaysian Radio DJ, TV Presenter, Music Producer, Recording Artiste etc however in 2008, I decided to give up my entire career in Entertainment which spanned more than 10 years of my life-- to fly an airplane professionally.

More on me at

In my efforts to research the web for people to inspire me, I was so very fortunate to have stumbled upon your blog.

Have been and will continue to be doing all that I can to inspire others to take flight as well.

Would love to meet you in person and shake your hand for all that you have done for our industry.

Will be praying that you would give me a chance to do such!

Please email me at your earliest convenience Sir. It would truly be an honor.


irene.girardeau said...

Dear Captain,

What a nice carrier!!! Congratulation.

My name is Didier Pinçon, I'm French and I would like to enter in contact with you concerning the Malaysian planes on the apron at Subang airport.

I hope you will accept.

You can contact me at the following mail:

I thank you very much.

Kind regards Didier

mahoehi said...

Dear Captain,

What a gwonderful carrier! Congratulation...

I would like to enter in contact with you concerning the MAS fleet on the apron at Subang airportwhile the 80s. I hope you will accept.
You can contact me at the following address:

I thank you very much.

Kind regards Didier Pinçon

Jason said...

Hi Capt. Roland,
My name is Jason, my Father Dougie worked for MAS LHR from 1974-1990...loved reading ur blog as I have many memories flying DC-10-30(9M-MAS/T/V) and 747-236B(9M-MHI/J) on my many trips flying to KL and onto SYD on holidays and very privelidged to accompany many Flt crew in cockpit for take-off and landing...many names I would remember if they were mentioned. The 1st Station Manager at LHR was Alf then Wong TK, with Abi as ground engineer and Ramla,Judy,leonie,Anita and of course Dougie...Happy Days and memories I will cherish for ever..If you remember me then I hope your enjoying your 2nd retirement...!!!

PC said...

Dear Capt. Thomas,

I am very glad to discover your blog whilst surfing on the internet. Your aviation history and also the old photos brought me back to the old memories of MAS.

I was with MAS as a ground staff at HKG from 1976 and left in 1992 as the Station Manager. During the time with the MAS, I always found you one of the best pilots in the company, knowledgeable, professional and a humble skipper who treated the staff in a nice and rational manner, albeit you were a management pilot position.

I am a bit younger than you and is still attach to aviation, not with airlines anymore but airprot operator, instead.

I wish you the very best, happy and healthy life. It was indeed encouraging to meet you again even on the web.


Paul Cheng

Jason said...

Hi Capt Thomas, now living in Brisbane Australia never got to fulfil my ambition to fly but have worked as groundstaff for nearly 25yrs...20yrs at LHR for Pan Am/United and now for Toll Dnata at BNE where we handle MH...have spoken to flt crew who know you ad have said they would pass on my regards...are you on facebook or I could send you my e-mail address as I have some photos of MAS a/c at LHR that you might like to see....hope your're well speak soon Jason

Suhaimi Saman said...

Hello Capt Thomas...

Great blog Sir. Enjoyed reading it tremendously.

The walking encyclopedia that you are... who were the pilots that flew the late Tun Razak when he passed away in London. Dato Zul Shaari or you..? All I remember was that it was a 707. Thank you and best regards.

Suhaimi Saman

rozilawaty said...

Hello captain. Love reading ur blog. M frm malaysia. Do u knw my uncle.. Md don? He was also mas student lus time. Major in aircraft engineering.

Warm regards

rozilawaty said...

Hai sir. M frm malaysia. M luv reading ur blog. Realy beautiful journey of yours. Sir. Do u knw my uncle, md don? He was mas student last time, major in aircraft engineering.

Ok sir. Wishin u nice n wonderful day.

Warm regards

Esther said...

hernkeeCapt. Roland,

Congratulations for a successful landing in aviation.
Here's one I think you would appreciate, it's written by another fellow aviator John Gillespie Magee, Jr. entitled "High Flight"
"High Flight"

"Oh, I have slipped the surly bonds of earth,
And danced the skies on laughter-silvered wings;
Sunward I've climbed and joined the tumbling mirth of sun-split clouds -
and done a hundred things You have not dreamed of -
wheeled and soared and swung high in the sunlit silence.
Hovering there I've chased the shouting wind along
and flung my eager craft through footless halls of air.

"Up, up the long delirious burning blue
I've topped the wind-swept heights with easy grace,
where never lark, or even eagle, flew;
and, while with silent, lifting mind I've trod
the high untrespassed sanctity of space,
put out my hand and touched the face of God."

Link to Ytube video:


Fred (Your navigator).

Capt Roland Thomas said...

Dear Fred, That was a lovely poem. Many thanks aviator.
Is your name Fred or Esther?

Ernesto Villalon said...

Dear Capt. Roland,
I stumbled upon your blog a few days ago while trying to find long lost friends. I'm glad I did because I got to share your amazing life and career. My only regret is that I never had the chance to meet you.

I was in MAS from Jan 1979 until October 1983. I one of the first pilots hired by MAS from Phil. Aerotransport in Manila, Philippines for the Rural Air Service in Kota Kinabalu. Capt. Hassan and Capt. Khairi interviewed me and was one of the fortunate ones that they took. I was also one of the first crew of the four twin otters that RAS purchased later on. My last time on board a MAS aircraft was on Capt. Khairi's flight to London sometime in Oct. 1983, where I continued on to the the United States and settled down with my family.

The long lost friends I was looking for were those guys who were with us in KK at that time. After I left MAS I didn't go back to flying as a career although I had an FAA ATP license. I went into business and lost contact with most of my flying associates (both Malaysian & Filipino) and it's unbelievable that almost 30 years had passed by without me noticing it.

I don't want to get my comment too long, but I hope I can get in touch with you sometime and maybe help me find one or two of these friends who can lead me to the others.

God already blessed you with a wonderful life and I pray that He continues blessing you and your family each day. Happy New Year to you and to all the readers of your blog.

Ernesto Villalon Jr
Diamond Bar, California USA

Capt Roland Thomas said...

Hi Ernesto,
Although we have not met I remember the name as was part of the recruitment committee.
What would your email address be so that I could respond to your kind words.

Ernesto Villalon said...

Hello Capt. Roland,
Thank you so much for your response. I am so glad I was able to get in touch with you. My email address is If you could be kind enough to forward this to Capt Hassan and Capt. Khairi, I would really appreciate it.

In the Oct. 2, 2012 issue of thestaronline ( there was an article on the 40th anniversary of MAS with a video of a short speech by Capt Hassan. I'm happy that he looks so well in that video and I was hoping I would see more familiar faces there but he was the only one.

I've trying to find those guys that I was with and on Jan. 1 I was able to get a hold of our Canadian instructor in the Twin Otter. He is now 77 years old but still actively flying, in fact a few months ago he delivered a Dash 8 from Texas to Afghanistan. He also owns an aviation consulting company. I'm sure his name would be familiar to you, too.

Upon reading your other blog articles I see that we share the same faith. Keep up the good work of doing the Great Commission. God already blessed you with so much, not only in your career but with something much more than that, looking at the photos with and your family. I'm very sure a great treasure is in store for you in heaven.

My best regards,


Masjid Jamiul Ehsan said...

My late father career started with malayan airways, msa and mas. he was an artisan taking care for fokker friendship and then 737 and was in the initial group of 13 that move first to setup the engineering divn in Subang back in early 70s.

flyer168 said...

Hi Roland, Accidentally ended up at this Blogsite - it must have been a long research and effort to be able to complete your detailed Bio...very well done indeed. Congratulations on your timeline autobiography with all those historical photos as one of our Aviation Pioneers since 1963 AST,Perthshire...syabas! Nice to see Dr Ragu PhD now involved in "researching and teaching the CRM concept in healthcare. I am giving a talk on 'Aviation Crew Resource Management: A Flight Plan for Patient Safety' in July 2011 at the Association of Private Hospitals of Malaysia Conference at KLCC." - a farcry from Food Technology...! I am now enjoying the "fruits" of my 45 years in Aviation (ex AST (1964), MAL, MSA, SIA, MAS, AAI, my early Investments, Planning my retirements, etc - To be able to maintaining my lifestyle with Robin, in our self designed/financed/built Resort Home in KL. Mandy (ex Citi Banker) is mum with 04 kids (eldest is 12 yrs to 03 years). Adam is a Dir of Photography (Documentary,etc) with 03 kids (09 years to 3 years). So I have 07 g-children. Still love and enjoy my fast cars & fast bikes which I ride everyday to do my errands. As I had always said...there is always life beyond MAS for Lokman... All my blessings, guidance comes from the Almighty...with my blood, sweat & make it happen! Sorry to hear about your wife. I hope to talk with you to find some cure for her. Would love catch up with you one of these days. May God Bless, guide and protect you & family always. Do keep in touch & drop by my place. Shalom, Lokman Sardon

Jayagopal Nair said...

1Hi Roland
What an amazing blog and life story. It was indeed an honour and privilege to have worked with you at one stage of your amazing career. I have always admired you and all your achievements.

Anyway I am also fully retired now from an amazing simulation life. So I am free to meet you if ever you are in the UK. Further to that, I am now a very proud grandfather to Raphael who is now 9 months old.
If you get to read this and would like to stay in touch, please send me an email on
Anyway our best wishes to you for the future.
Kind Regards
Jay Nair.

Andy Richardson said...

Hi Roland
Well thanks to your brilliant blog, I now know what you have been up to since we last saw each other late 80s. I've had a great time and enjoyed most every minute but compared to your life - well nothing can compare. You are a pioneer and a huge credit to the industry. Nothing would please me more than meeting up again. All the best your old friend Andy Richardson =

Unknown said...

Capt Thomas, I came across your wonderful and memorable blog through another airline friend. Tried search for your contact on the web w/o success. I hope to get in touch with you via this comment.

I am Peter Chong, that smallest of fellow in cabin crew. Wonder if you can recall me. I must admit that I did not connect your name till I saw photos in your blog.

My Facebook is peter.chong.3150. I hope to hear from you. Warm regards.

Unknown said...

Hello Capt Thomas,

I am not sure if my last message was accepted because I took too long to sign in. Forgetful with password.

I am Peter Chong, formerly of cabin crew of all the airlines that we were together except MAS.

Hope to hear from you. Warm regards,

beckyboo said...


Would you happen to know my grandmother Violette Pang? She was an air stewardess in the 1950's, along with my grand aunt Florenz who appears to be in the first picture.

I'd appreciate any information you might have about them and your days flying in the 60's.



iambeckyboo at

flyer168 said...

598Hi Roland,

Nice to know that this great blogsite of your has brought many old colleagues, new friends & younger Aviators who look up to you as a "mentor" to emulate your career in aviation.

Do say Hi to our Gabi (from FRA?)

Also yes I do remember our well known (then) MSA/SIA Senior Chief Steward Peter Chong. I am sure he can answer Becky Boo's comment "Violette Pang? She was an air stewardess in the 1950's, along with my grand aunt Florenz who appears to be in the first picture."

Hi Peter Chong, this is F/E Lokman Sardon & yes we had some nice times on the B707s then - email -

Cheers & take care Roland.

Lokman Sardon

Peter Talalla said...

Great stuff Roland.


Pete Talalla.